Praestes de Arcanum – Keeper of Secrets, a clandestine organization with one mission only: to preserve and protect the arcane knowledge of the old world. For centuries they’ve paved the future of the civilization of Arallax, be it through industrial and technological advancement, or methods of more surreptious nature.

Five hundred years after the birth of the Empire, a new candidate with a shrouded past was chosen. Little did they know, she held more secrets than all of them combined – secrets that would once again set in motion the cogs that had long ceased to move.



Arcanist is a steampunk/fantasy series with magic and demons, following a mute girl as she attempts to save her friends from the clutches of an evil god. Having grown in this world’s equivalent of hell, she must now adapt to the world of the living and gain strength for herself if she wants to survive. Start reading here.

The series is also published on Royal Road.
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